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10 places to visit in West Chicago

    If you are on a touristic plan through West Chicago, then we will recommend to you the 10 best places you can visit. Farms, Water Parks, Cascades, Golf Clubs and much more are waiting for you. West Chicago is a beautiful city in Illinois, whit a population of 27, 086 persons. You can arrive to Wes Chicago through the DuPage Airport. This city was established around the first’s railroad lines in Illinois.  

    places to visit in West ChicagoThese are the 10 places you must visit in West Chicago

    • Forest Preserve 

    This is one of the biggest natural areas in West Chicago. In here you can find more than 550 species of plants and animals. It is full of volunteers helping to protect the ecological health and the natural areas in this city. Visitors can take long and relaxing walks and can know more about the history of this park. 

    • Kline Creek Farm

    This is one of the most iconic places in West Chicago. It is located at 1N600 Country Farm Road, specifically in the Timber Ridge Forest Preserve. In here you can find a lot of history, because is a 1800´s farm, so you can find activities such as planting, sheep caring, spring cleaning, baking, cooking and wood burning, etc. It is a very relaxing atmosphere, where you can be surrounded by different kinds of animals. 

    • West Chicago City Museum

    If you are a history lover, then this is one of the best places to visit in West Chicago. In here you can find a building from 1884 full of culture an art. You will be able to understand about the culture of West Chicago and will find different ways to help it´s community as well. It is a place that has a lot to offer for those who have the art as a very important part of their life. 

    • Turtle Splash Water Park

    If you love the animals and are looking for a fun day in the water, then this is place. It is one of the best water parks, suitable for all ages. It has a lot of cascades with rocks and pools and you can find turtles (of course). However, it is better if you visit the park during low season and also if you go very early in the morning. This is because there is a lot to be seen and a lot to enjoy with your family.  

    • Chicago Deep Dish Pizza 

    If you are a pizza lover, then you have to taste the Chicago´s Deep Dish Pizza. This is one of the famous dishes that the city has. When you try it, you will realize that is thick dough crust with melted cheese and a very special topping of your preference. There are many establishments in which you can find this type of pizza, but one of the most famous is Pequod´s. 

    • Hawthorne´s Backyard Bar 

    And after you try this amazing pizza, you can also go for some nice drinks in a bar. Chicago is very popular for having nice bars, where you can celebrate and enjoy with friends. Don´t forget to try the chicken wings and some of the national beers as well! In Hawthorne’s Backyard you can find a nice attention and very good prices. You can also find some citizens that can interact with you and tell you more about West Chicago. 

    • Bobby´s Bike Hire 

    Nothing is more exciting than exploring West Chicago in a nice bicycle. With Bobby´s Bike Hire you can find one nice and incredibly bike and ride the city in two wheels. You can also find different bike tours, some of them are in the morning and some others at night. If you have children, they can also participate, as long as they can ride their own bike with the rest of the people from the tour. You can stop in some other attractions in West Chicago. 

    • Bari

    This is one great store in West Chicago. At the beginning, you might think that it is a simple grocery store. However, when you enter, you realize it is an Italian grocery store, full of special elements, such as meats and cheese. You can also find some nice and tasty Italian subs and also some lunch as well. Enjoy nice Italian dishes and grab some special delicatessen as a souvenir. 

    • Chopin Theatre 

    The Chopin Theatre is one of the best’s theatres you can find in West Chicago. In here, you can see different musical´s, literature, film events and more. One particular thing that the art from this theater has is that you can learn about Eastern European immigrants in Chicago, as well as the origins of this amazing city. Enjoy the best performances in different schedules and the beauty of the internal space. 

    • Kayak Chicago

    If you want a real adventure, then this is a place for your need of adrenaline. You can get into a kayak and enjoy amazing places, as well as informative tours. This is a great exercise, so we suggest you to have a little training before getting into a kayak. There are some nice restaurants around, that you can visit after your special tour. 

    West Chicago is one of the best places you can visit in the United States. This city has a balance between the natural spots, full of ecology and animals with restaurants, grocery stores, bike rides, golf courts, spas and “city animals” attractions. The population in here is very relaxed, so you can talk easily with new persons and get some nice stories during your trip. 

    One of the things that you have to try is the food. Pizzas, meat and all kinds of groceries from different parts of Europe are waiting for you. You can´t forget about the burgers, specially made with different kinds of ingredients and with different sizes. Parks, museums and spots for doing exercise are always around. You can also find some spa´s for relaxing, if you are visiting the city after hard months of working, for example. 

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