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We buy Junk Cars in Arlington Heights

If you need a good service for selling your junk car, then Quick Cash Junk Cars Inc is your best choice. It does not matter what kind of junk car you have. We can buy your junk truck, mileage car and free up the space in your garage. Stop wasting time, money and space. Our process is very easy: just call us, tell us about your junk car and we will pick it up in less than 24 hours. Top price guaranteed and cash on your hands right away! 

Selling your old junk car has never been so easy! 773-207-3710 

we buy junk carsSell your junk truck or car today

The first thing you need to do is call the number 773-207-3710 and proceed to describe the type of vehicle that you want to sell. If you don`t have your title, key or photo ID, don`t worry, but is better if you have these elements in your hand. Call us for the right assessment and we will support you. If you have everything, then just describe the kind of vehicle that you have and schedule an appointment.

Pick up the time and the price that best fits you. We will send a free tow truck to pick your automobile, in Arlington Heights or somewhere else in Chicago. You can get your junk car removed from the garage the same day that you call, if your times allow it. One of the things that you should know is that the tow truck service is completely free! 

Provide this information in order to sell your junk car 

The junk car buyer is going to offer a fair price to you. You can also negotiate what you have in mind. You just need to offer some basic information. Don`t worry, we will not have you on the phone for hours, because we know that your time is gold. First, tell the junk car buyer the year and the model of the vehicle that you are trying to get rid of. After that, just tell us if the car is still running, if there are some missing part or if there is an specific issue that we must know. 

Free Junk Car Removal near Chicago 773 207 3710

After this basic information, just get a nice quote for your junk car and enjoy the benefits of our fast service. If your damaged car has a specific issue, you have to tell us. And if there are missing parts, just say which ones, so we can calculate the price. Don`t hesitate to tell us your price expectations and remember that it is important for us to know whether you own the title or not.

The best advantage to hire Quick Cash Junk Cars Inc, is that you don`t need to wait for a long time to sell your junk car. You can free up the space in your garage the same day that you call! And everything is by phone, so you will avoid the scam risk by filling weird forms on websites that involve you in tricky sales procedures. 

The best thing to do when selling your junk car is call a specialized service and talk with workers that has been on this business for many years. We know about the competitive prices in the market nowadays and we can offer the best price for your used vehicle. What are you waiting for? Don`t try with companies that result in scams and low prices for your used automobile. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is hiring a junk car removal service a good choice for me?

Most people think that there is no need to hire professionals in order to sell their junk cars. However, by hiring a junk car removal service you will ensure a quick transportation of the vehicle and quick cash. You can also avoid a lot of inconveniences, like low prices, long phone calls and scams. With Quick Cash Junk Cars Inc you just need to make a quick call, describe and get paid! 

  • What happens if I have a special model? Can you buy any type of junk car?  

We can purchase any model from 2002, it doesn`t matter if is a running car or a junk car stopped for a while in your garage. If you have a vehicle that is really old, don`t hesitate to call as well, because if we are not interested, we can tell you another junk car yard in the area that can be. 

  • Can you buy more than two junk cars at the same time?

If you have more than two cars to sell, don`t worry. Just make a quick call, tell us how many vehicles, describe them, tell us the models and if they are still running. Unfortunately, we don`t buy separated pieces, so you have to take this into account. Just call us and in less than 10 minutes you will have a nice quote for all you cars, a schedule to pick them up and a free tow truck service. 

  • What kind of paperwork do you usually provide when doing the transaction? 

We provide the bill of sale once you finish doing business with us. One of the big advantages of selling your junk car with us is that you don`t need to fill a lot of forms when selling your car. Just call, and the very first day that you receive the tow truck, the driver is going to give you this bill, with a signed copy for us, and your cash. 

And what if you have you old grandpa`s car there in the garage many years ago? What if you don`t have the key or the papers? Then don`t worry, just call us and tell us the story, we are ready to help, no matter the circumstances. 

Sell your junk car today and free up some space in your garage! Get some cash easily and enjoy our free tow truck! Get the best service in Chicago!