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We buy Junk Cars in Aurora

Quick Cash Junk Cars Inc is the service you need when selling your junk car. If you have a junk car, junk truck, old mileage car, junk van, non-running car or something similar, then call us. Just by making a quick phone call you can set a fair price for your junk car and free up some space in your garage. You can have quick cash, even the very first day that you call if you have the time! In less than 24 hours you will get the best service in Chicago.  

We are ready to buy your junk car!  773-207-3710 

junk cars auroraSell your junk car and get good cash 

Maybe you have a very old car resting in your garage or even worse… in your garden! And…let`s be honest… You have been telling that you are going to fix it but it is not happening. The best thing to do is sell it and have good cash in return. With our service you just have to give us a quick call to the 773-207-3710 and describe your vehicle. We promise you that it`s going to be a very short call and in less than 10 minutes you can have a very good deal for your junk vehicle.  

When calling, you will communicate with one of our sellers, which has a lot of experience in the junk car business. All you have to do is telling him what model of car you have, if the car is still running, if your car has any special issues of missing parts and your price expectations. If the car you are trying to sell is not under your ownership, then you have to tell us as well.

We recommend you to have the keys, photo ID and car documents in your hands. However, how if it is an old junk car that belonged to your father or grandfather? Don`t worry, call us and we will asses you with the proper procedure in order to have the right documentation to sell it. The point is that you can prove the car is yours, so it`s not going to be a huge deal, you just need a little help. 

Sell your junk car in 3 simple steps 

The first step that you need to do is call us. Some companies try to make you confused through the phone call, in order to give you very low prices for your junk car. However, we guarantee you that our call is going to be very short and specific. The second step is when you describe your automobile and tell us if it`s a junk car, junk van, junk truck, damaged car, non-running car, still running car or missing pieces car, etc. 

Try to give to us all the details about your junk car. If there is a door missing or if there is a missing part from the engine, try to tell us in order to give you the right price. Avoid misunderstandings when the tow truck is arriving to your house to pick up the car. The third step is to tell us about your price expectations and negotiate. You will also set a schedule to pick up the car with our free tow truck in the day and time you need. 

Free Junk Car Removal near Chicago 773 207 3710

After you provide this information to us, get a quote for your junk car and decide if it`s good for you. Our sellers provide very good prices, compared to the rest of the junk car businesses. Tell us where you are located and wait for our free tow truck to arrive to your place. Three simple and easy steps that will free up the space in your garage and will give you cash right away. No hassle, no difficult procedures, no scams, no hard time! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is hiring a junk car removal service the best option for me?

If you are thinking about other traditional ways to sell your junk car, it`s up to you. However, when selling your card by the newspaper, personal Ads or through websites on internet you have more risk of getting scammed. With an specialized junk car buyer like us you just have to call, describe, set the price and that`s it. We also offer you the free tow truck, so you will not have that expense on your own. 

  • I have a very ancient car… are you interested in any junk car model? 

We are interested in different kind of vehicles. It does not matter if they are still running or not, or if they have missing parts. However, we are especially interested in vehicles from 2002 to 2020. If you have a very ancient car, you can call us and explain the situation. If we are not interested, we can tell you about some other persons that might be and this assessment is for free! 

  • I have more than one car to sell… is that possible? 

Yes, we accept more than 1 car. The procedure is the same; just call us, describe how many cars do you have, describe the details of each car and tell us about your price expectations. We will help you quickly and you can get good cash in less than 24 hours. 

  • What kind of paperwork do you provide? Do you have special fees or anything I should know? 

Forget about complex transactions and lot of paperwork signing with us. We only provide the bill sale with the logo and name of our company. You will receive it and sign a copy for us to have the day that our tow truck is going to pick up your car. If you are searching for us to give you photo ID`s or a driver`s license, we can only assess you to go to the right place in order to solve this issue. 

Get quick cash by selling your junk car in less than 24 hours. Stop with the complex transactions and get a free tow truck as well! Enjoy the best junk car buying service in Chicago!