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We buy Junk Cars in Elgin

Quick Cash Junk Cars Inc can offer you many choices when it comes to sell your junk car. You can get rid of your junk car, high mileage car, damaged van or junk truck in less than 24 hours. Stop wasting time and money with the traditional ways of selling your car and receive cash on the spot when our tow truck visits you in your garage. Top price guaranteed and a professional, fast, easy service. 

Sell your old and junk car fast and easy!  773-207-3710 

we buy any used carHow do you sell your junk car with us?

The process of selling your junk car with us is very easy. First you just have to call the phone number 773-207- 3710 and describe to our sellers the model of junk car that you want to sell. Try to be specific and tell us some details about the junk car you have. We suggest you to have your car documents, the photo ID and the car keys on hand. If you have any problem finding those, don`t worry and call us anyway for assessment. 

During the phone call you have to tell us the basic information about the junk car that you are trying to sell. If the vehicle has some detail in particular, don`t hesitate to tell us. Also tell us about your price expectations and we can negotiate the best price for your junk vehicle. Schedule a convenient pickup time and tell us when to send the tow truck to pick it up. Our tow truck is free and you will receive cash on the spot the same moment that the tow truck arrives. 

Just provide this information and get the best out of your junk car

Our junk car buyers love this business and have been doing this for many decades. In order to offer you a fair price, we must know the details of your junk car: the model, the year, if it`s still running, if there is any important part missing (for example a door), etc. Tell us about the price expectations you have, so we can try to negotiate and please you. We promise you will get the best price out of every junk yard around! 

Stop wasting space in that garage! Get some fast cash, avoid paying for a tow truck and avoid complex paperwork. Negotiate in less than 10 minutes and get rid of that junk car, junk van, damaged car, non- running car, running junk car or damaged truck. It doesn`t matter if it has been many years in your garage. It`s a quick three step process that will change your life, give you some cash, free up space for brand new stuff and help the environment as well. 

Free Junk Car Removal near Chicago 773 207 3710

After providing the information about your junk car, get a quote for it. I the junk car have a damage, tell us the location, and also if there are some missing parts. If you don`t own this vehicle, but have the ownership documents, tell us as well. And if this is a junk car that has been in the garage for many years and it belonged to your grandfather, tell us. We can assess you in case you don`t have the ownership documents. 

When the tow truck arrives, you will receive a sales bill and cash on the spot. Forget about those complex situations, in which you have to wait for many days to get rid of your junk car. Receive cash on the spot and free up the space in your garage for a brand new model, or for whatever you need! Just call us and solve this issue once and for all in less than 10 minutes! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why is hiring a junk car removal service my best choice?

By hiring real professionals you can avoid a lot of inconveniences. Our service is focused on buying your junk car in record time, so you don`t have to spend many days on the process. You will not have to spend money on newspaper ads, websites ads or anything related. You will save a lot of time and avoid risk of hassle, scams and low prices for your junk vehicle. 

  • Do you purchase any kind of car? Which years are you buying? 

We are interested in buying junk car models from 2002 and up. However, if you have a special kind of vehicle, tell us the details, we might be interested as well. If we cannot purchase it, we can transfer you to another junk car in the area. This assessment is free!

  • How is the process if I want to sell more than two junk cars? 

The process is the same, whether you want to sell one junk car or ten. Just call to our phone number, tell us about the models and the years of the cars, if you have the ownership documents, your price expectations and where are the cars located. We will agree the price and the time for picking them up with our free tow truck, and will give you the cash on the spot. 

  • What kind of paperwork do you provide? How many documents do I have to sign?

Usually we provide the bill of sale the same day that we arrive to your garage. This document has the name and logo of our company. You don`t have to worry about getting “surprise checks” on your e-mail after selling your junk car. Just call, describe, negotiate and get cash! 

One of the concerns of many users is if we provide legal documentation related to the ownership of the car. However, we are unable to do this. If you want to sell your junk car and don`t have the photo ID or the keys, then we can asses you so you can solve this particular issue. 

Let us buy your old car today and pay you with cash! No hassle! No Scam! No Hard Time!  Free Tow Truck! Get rid of your junk car and get the best service in Chicago!