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How to get money from a crashed car

    Don’t worry if f your car has been in a crash. Maybe you returned with a tow truck and put the crashed vehicle on your garage, wondering what to do next. However, you can get money from a crashed car, and sometimes it`s better than fixing it. Should you sell your old non-working car to a junk car buyer? Let`s analyze what you can do.

    junkyard in chicagoHow to get money from a crashed car? 

    Fix my crashed car or selling it? 

    Maybe you have wondered if after a crash, is worth to fix your car. If your automobile is so damaged, sometimes it`s better to sell it. “How I am going to sell a crashed non-working car?” The answer is the junkyards. Selling you junk car to a junkyard might be the best option if: 

    • The automobile does not run anymore due to the crash damages
    • It`s so destroyed that you have to replace doors, roof or big parts (like an engine, for example)
    • The budget necessary to fix it costs more than a new used car.
    • The crash accident was happened more than 3 months ago and your car is still stopped on the garage. 

    The advantages of selling your crashed car to a junkyard 

    Selling your crashed car to a junkyard is an excellent choice, because you will not only get rid of the old non-working vehicle on your garage. You will also get cash on the spot. When selling your crashed car to a junkyard, you just have to follow some simple steps. The first thing is to call the phone number or register your automobile on a website. After a few minutes of filling that form you will receive a quick phone call. 

    You will have to describe the automobile and tell the junkyard a brief story of what happened. Describe the model and the year of the vehicle, and the details that you consider relevant. For example, if the automobile lost one door, or if it has a huge damage on the front part and it cannot run anymore. After describing the damaged car, you will get an offer. The advantage of selling your junk car to a junkyard is that the offer for your car is higher than in any other circumstance. 

    After making a deal, you just have to wait for a tow truck that will go and pick up your crashed car. The good news is that the tow truck is completely free! Your crashed car will no longer be on the garage and you will get cash on the spot. If it`s a good junkyard, you will only have to sign one or two papers maximum before getting the money. 

    Selling your crashed car to a junkyard is a good way to earn some money and forget about the bad incident as well. You will not spend a huge amount of money trying to fix a car that is incredibly damaged, and you can use that money on something else. The sale process is very easy, and if you choose a good junkyard you can get a free tow truck, assessment on your sale and a great quote for your junk car. 

    You can also help the environment with your crashed car 

    Selling your crashed car to a junkyard is not only going to help you, but the environment. Time goes by very fast! If you park your damaged car in the garage and wait for a “few weeks” to figure out what to do, you are probably going to be with that damaged car in your driveway for years. The best thing to do is to sell the junk car to an expert, get some cash and complete the budget for a new used car to go to work. 

    Selling your crashed car helps the environment, because you will not have spills on your garage, which can affect the nature. Damaged cars parked for many months can let out gas and other fluids that might be dangerous not only for the ecosystem, but for you and your family. When your junk car arrives to the junkyard, it will be separated in pieces and re-used for making new objects or replacements. 

    By recycling the parts of your crashed car you will help and stop de production of new metal elements with virgin material. This is affecting the environment by spending more energy and more natural resources. You will not only get fast cash and a free space on your garage, but also will be helping the planet. 

    Try to avoid the traditional ways of selling a crashed car 

    Maybe you will think that it`s better to sell your junk car through traditional ways. Maybe you want to place an Ad on the newspaper or social media. However, this traditional ways might be dangerous and more complicated when selling your crashed car. Try to avoid the traditional ways of selling a crashed car and look for the best junkyard instead. When selling your crashed non-working car to a professional junkyard, you will avoid: 

    • Lots of unnecessary paperwork
    • Waiting for the possible buyer to decide the time and the moment for go and pick your car.
    • Sharing the cost of a tow truck or wait for the buyer to have the money to pay for it 
    • Getting very low quotes for your crashed car
    • Getting involved in scams or in unfair sales

    The best thing to do to get money from a crashed car is to sell it to a junkyard. Look for the best auto wrecker to sell your used junk car. This way, you can avoid delays on the sale, get a fair quote for your car, get directly to an interested buyer and receive a free tow truck in less than 24 hours. With that money you can fix something else on your house or complete the budget and get a new used car for you and your family. Remember, if your crashed car is not running and is very expensive to repair, get money from it by selling it to a specialized junkyard.

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