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It is cheaper to buy a new used car or fix my old car

    Sometimes we have a question in our mind: it is cheaper to buy a new used car or fix my old car? The answer will depend on many factors. In this article, we are going to analyze the different elements you should take into account when taking this decision. Sometimes it´s better to get fast cash by sending your junk car to a junk yard. However, sometimes you can fix your old automobile and invest some money. 

    buy a new used car or fix my old carLet´s analyze: it is cheaper to buy a new used car or fix my old car?

    Maybe you are thinking whether it´s cheaper to buy a new used car of fix your old car. Or maybe you are just wondering if it`s time to retire your old car or truck. The first thing to take into account is the model of your car. Usually, the junk car yards accept models from 2002 and up. So, if you have an old car from 2002 that is bringing you problems every day, it´s a good decision to sell it to a professional junk car yard. Don´t worry if it´s not running anymore. Most of the junk car buyers’ don´t care about that.

    Take into account these elements when taking the decision

    When selling your junk car, you can buy a new used one. We recommend looking for a junk car yard if: 

    • Your car has been operative for more than 15 years and the last 5 years has been through more than 10 repairs. 
    • It has been stopped for a long time and it´s sitting in your garage since more than one year ago. 
    • Your car is from a very old model, so the new replacement pieces are hard to find or very expensive. 
    • The cost of the car repairmen is more expensive than buying a new used car.
    • The cash that you will get by selling your junk car can help you complete the budget for buying a new used car.   
    • The maintenance repairs costs of your old car exceed the monthly payments of a new used car. 
    • The damage of your car is on the engine. In this case, the replacement of it can cost you more than $4000 dollars.

    The advantages of selling your junk car to a junk yard

    When selling your junk car today in West Chicago you can get a lot of advantages. The first one is that is a very easy process. Usually, you just have to call by phone or submit a phone on a website with the basic information of your vehicle. We recommend places that are able to talk to you by the phone, because you can send the information quicker. The whole process of selling is not going to last more than 24 hours. The process when selling a junk car to a junk car yard is like this:

    • First, you just call to the phone or enter to the website of the junk car yard and talk about the basic characteristics of the garbage vehicle. If you don´t know much about cars, don´t worry. You just have to say the model and the general status of the vehicle (if it´s still running or if there is any important part missing). 
    • Then, you will talk about your price expectations. You can negotiate with the buyers according to the model of car and what you think it worth. 
    • After you get to an agreement, you accept and schedule an appointment with the junk car yard, in order to receive a free tow truck that is going to pick your car up. You can schedule your appointment and get your car picked up in less than 24 hours, if your time allows it. 
    • The day that the tow truck arrives, the driver is going to give you the cash on the spot, and you will only sign a few papers. Some junk yards have plenty paperwork to do, while some others only offer you the bill of sale with the company logo. 

    As you see, selling your junk car can be very easy. So, it´s better if you have quick cash and then complete your budget and get a new used car. Old cars only get worse with time, and they require plenty repairs that might cost you a lot more than getting a new one. 

    When you sell your old car to a junk car yard you are also helping the environment. This is because usually junk car have smoke escapes and liquid escapes. This is not only a risk for the environment, but also for your health. If the junk car is stopped in your garage, then you are on a fire risk, for example. So getting rid of your junk car can be a relief for the nature and health as well.

    Most of the junk car yards use the old steel parts of your junk car for making new products. They tend to recycle everything they can or offer some parts as a replacement for something else. There are many possibilities then selling your old car, instead of fixing it. Buying a new used car is not as hard as you might think so, and the monthly quotes can be very accessible, depending on the type of place where you buy your car. 

    When selling your junk car you can also receive cash for it. Usually, you can sell most of the junk cars in $600 approx. However, everything will depend on the junk car yard that you choose. You can get better quotes in specific junk car yards, depending on your price expectations, the model of car that you are trying to sell and the type of buyer you get. 

    If you are going to buy a new used car and sell you old car, we strongly recommend you to do with professional car buyers. The traditional ways of selling might be annoying and you can be on a scam risk. You can also save more time and money when dealing with professionals.

    Quick Cash Junk Car Buyers can remove your vehicle in less than 24 hours and give you a high quote for it! Just call us 773-207-3710 and sell your old car today.