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It is time to retire your old car or truck?

    If you have wondered about the time to retire your old car or truck, you are on the right article. How to get money from a crashed car? Is it cheaper to buy a new used car or fix your old car? We are going to analyze if it`s time to sell your truck to a junkyard and get a new one or if you can keep working with it a little more.

    we buy truck or junk carsHow to know if it`s time to retire your old car or truck?

    Signs that you have to retire your old car or truck 

    If you are still working with your old car or truck, this could be a tough decision. However, you need to analyze a few things. For example, if every month you need to fix your old car and you don`t rest, this is a warning sign. You have balance between what you are earning monthly and the costs of fixing your vehicle. This is the most important thing. 

    On the other side, you have to check if the replacements of that old car can be found easily. When you are working with your car, you have to take in mind that the models change when years pass by. Will it be difficult for you to fix your car in a near future? Will it be more expensive every time? If the answer is affirmative, then maybe you have to retire your old car or truck.

    How to get advantage of your old car or truck 

    When retiring your old car or truck the best choice is to take it to a junkyard. The process is very simple:

    • First, you have to call the phone number of the nearest junkyard. It will be a quick phone call. You can tell the junk car buyer that you have an old running car. He will ask you some questions. It`s important that you know about the model and year of your vehicle and also about the mileage. If you have your ownership documents on hand at the moment of the call, it will be better. 
    • After a short conversation, the junk car buyer will give you a quote for your vehicle. You can negotiate with him and tell him about your price expectations as well. After making a deal, you just have to set an appointment for a free tow truck to look for your old car. If you want to take the car directly, there is no problem. 
    • The day that you receive your free tow truck, you will immediately get cash on the spot. You will only sign one or two papers and that`s it. Selling your old car or truck to a junkyard is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get money. You will save a lot of time and can use that money for a new used car if you want.  

    The advantages of selling your old car or truck to a junkyard

    There are many advantages when retiring your old car or truck and selling it to a junkyard. The first one is that is an easy and fast process. You just have to call by the phone or submit the information of your vehicle on a website. We recommend to you the junkyards that have a quick phone service, because is even faster this way. The whole process of selling your junk car will not last more than 24 hours if the junkyard you choose is a good one. Among the advantages of selling your junk car, you:  

    • Will not have to know a lot about cars. You just need to know about the model and the year of the vehicle, and about the parts that are missing (If that is the case). 
    • Can talk about your price expectations with the junk car seller and will get a better quote than by selling your junk car to third parties.
    • Will be sure that your car is in good hands and that you are selling it to a certified place. You will also avoid the risk of scams or of very low quotes for your car. 
    • Will get a deal in less than 10 minutes and will schedule an appointment with the junkyard in order to receive a free tow truck to pick your car up. Usually, the car is picked up in less than 24 hours. 
    • Will only sign a few papers and will get cash on the spot the same day that the tow truck arrives. The best junkyards will only make you sign a bill of sale with the company logo. 
    • Will get assessment in case that you have some troubles related to the ownership papers of the vehicle. 

    Is it better to fix your old truck or to buy a new used car? 

    Maybe you are thinking whether it`s cheaper to fix your old truck or buy a new used car. Usually, you have to think about the model of your car. Usually, junkyards accept models from 2002 and up. If your old truck is giving you more problems every day, then it`s time to retire it and use that money to buy a new used car. For example, if your car has been operative for more than 15 years and on the last year you repaired it more than 10 times, it`s time to retire it.

    Sometimes, you can have an old car sitting in the garage waiting for repair. However, months pass by and you can`t fix it because the replacements are too expensive or because there is a great damage. This is the moment when you have to decide to retire your old car or truck and get quick cash by selling it to a junkyard. 

    If the maintenance repairs costs of your old car exceed the monthly payments of a new car, then you can sell it to a junkyard. If your truck has a damage on the engine, don`t think about it and sell it right away. You can get between $200 and $2000 cash and start with a new used vehicle.

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