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Sell my car or truck to a junkyard near me

    Maybe you have an old car or truck in your driveway long time ago. However, you still don´t make the decision of taking it into a junk yard. You might think that it´s a very difficult transaction, full of payments and paperwork. However, it´s simpler than you think. You just have to look for the best places to sell your old car in West Chicago.

    Sell my car near meHow to sell my car o truck to a junkyard near me? 

    Should you sell your old non-working car to a junk car buyer? The process is easier than you think. Selling your junk car to a junkyard nearby is one call ahead. The first think you need to do is call the junk car yard and tell them the basic information about your garbage automobile. Some junkyards let you submit the information through e-mail or a website. However, it´s easier if you call to a phone number and communicate directly with another human being.

    After that, you just have to describe what you are trying to sell. The questions are very basic, such as the model of the car, if it´s still stopped or if it´s still running, and if it has some missing parts. The junkyard will also ask you about the price expectations that you have and if you are ok with all the ownership documents. When telling a price expectation to the junk car buyer, you will get to an agreement. 

    When you agree a price, schedule an appointment and the junkyard will pick the car up. The best´s junkyards offer you a free tow truck, so you don´t have to deal with expensive costs. The same day that you receive the tow truck, the driver will give you cash on the spot. You will sign only a few papers (the best junkyards only give you a bill of sale), and the process will be finished! 

    The advantages of selling your junk car to a junkyard

    Selling your junk car to a junkyard nearby is one of the best decisions you can make. You will stop wasting space in your garage or driveway, with a junk car that you are going to “fix someday”. This garbage car is only making space and is also a risk for the environment. Having a junk car with oil or carbon escapes can damage your health and is also a risk of accidents in your house, for example. 

    The process of selling your junk car or truck to a junkyard nearby is very simple. You just have to call by the phone, describe what you have, get a nice quote for your junk car and then wait for a free tow truck to pick it up. You will only spend a few minutes making the deal and will not even pay for the tow truck. And also, remember that getting rid of old elements inside your house is good for your luck and energetic cleansing. 

    Why I should not sell my junk car through traditional ways?

    You might think that is very tempting to just sell your junk car through traditional ways, such as newspaper ads, social media or to a “friend of a friend”, for example. However, these ways are not recommended, because: 

    • You have to pay for expensive ads that only reach a specific target. 
    • You have to waste time on people that are “slightly” interested. You can show them your car, and they can suddenly change their minds one moment from the other.
    • You have to spend money in the tow truck 
    • You can be scammed or tricked by people you don´t really know
    • You can get bad quotes for your junk car
    • You will waste time calling to put the ads or configuring in social media

    This is the main reason why it´s better to sell your car to a junkyard nearby: saving time. You will only pick up the phone, set a price and wait for a tow truck. Very simple! Usually, the junkyards:

    • Have real experts that know about the value of your vehicle and can offer you higher deals for it
    • Pay you cash on the spot, the same day that you get the tow truck
    • Pay top dollar for junk cars, junk trucks, vans, crossovers, non-running cars and more. And they usually don´t have restrictions with the models.
    • Take the junk car quickly off your property
    • Recycle the cars and remove any hazardous material from your garage

    When selling your junk car to a junkyard nearby you can also help the environment. The car parts are usually recycled by this junkyards and the remaining scrap metal can be used to make different products. This way, some company’s don´t continue making an impact in the world by creating new products out of virgin materials. They will not continue mining or producing waste. 

    The junkyards are interested in many models of cars. It doesn´t matter if they are trucks, junk vans or non running cars. In three steps you will get rid of your junk car, without dealing possible scammers or people that get delay with the payments. Calling by the phone, describing your car while getting to a deal and waiting for the tow truck! 

    The prices you can get for selling a junk car to a junk yard are between $200 and $600 dollars. Everything will depend on the most valuable items in your car. However, if you have a special model, you can get even a higher quote. If you are trying to sell a junk car without a title or keys, it can be difficult. However, most of the best’s junkyards can offer you free assessment. You can find different ways to demonstrate the ownership of the vehicle. The only very important papers that you need to have are the driver´s license and a copy of your registration.

    So, avoid inconvenience and sell your junk car or truck to a junkyard nearby. Stop wasting time and get that money to complete for a new used car!

    If you want to sell your junk car today and get cash on the spot in less than 24 hours, give us a call. Quick Cash Junk Car Buyers 773-207-3710.