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Sell your car or truck to a junkyard near me

    It has come to that point when you realize that fixing your car will cost more than buying a new one, and that is not worth it.

    Because buying the parts is too expensive. But one thing is for sure in life, nothing lasts forever, it is only a matter of time before your vehicle breaks down. Some of us are caught off guard and our pockets hurt when this happens.
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    The easiest option is to sell it, but surely you have some questions, below we clarify some of them:

    Who buys junk cars?

    Junkyards, towing companies, and some people buy junk cars. Trailer companies buy them for resale to salvage yards or junk companies, while a person can buy them for their parts.

    How can I bring my car to a junkyard if it doesn’t run?

    Most junkyards have tow trucks that will come to you and pick up the vehicle from the spot, some will charge you for the tow and some will just place nice and not charge you.

    Do I have to pay a tow company to junk my car?

    Not necessarily, most tow companies will buy the vehicle from you, but you need to know how much your car or truck is worth as a junk vehicle.

    How much are junk cars worth?

    Junk car prices change daily, weekly and even monthly, this is due to prices on scrap metals. Car buyers will pay you for the weight of the metals in your car, also if the car is complete or is it missing parts. Does it run? there is a good chance you get more money if the car runs and it has all the parts like engine, transmission, wheels etc.

    What documents do I need to sell my car o truck to a junkyard?

    In order to sell your car, you need the car title, a non-expired identification card or passport, and sometimes written permit to access the car if it’s somewhere with close gates. Make sure there are no liens against your car by printing any records you may have.

    Can junkyards buy a car without title?

    Sometimes we can prove ownership of a junk car with an old registration and your driver’s license to sell it without a title. If you lost the title, you most likely have your registration to be able to scrap a car, you can also make a bill of sale with a notary stating that you are the owner. If you want to know more about this, we recommend reading… How to sell used cars or junk without a title?


    Get an instant offer and sell your car quickly, it only takes minutes to get an accurate offer.
    Guaranteed offer what you are offered is the amount that you will be paid, without diminishing the value of your vehicle.
    Cash for cars will be paid at the time we pick up the vehicle, you will be paid on the spot.
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