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Should you sell your old non-working car to a junk car buyer?

    Should you sell your old non-working car to a junk car buyer? Everything will depend on your circumstances. However, in this article we are going to analyze the different advantages you will get when selling your junk car to a professional junk car yard. What to know when selling your used car to a junk car buyer? Let`s free up some space in your garage and get cash in record time.

    junkyard in chicagoWhy should you sell your old non-working car to a junk car buyer? 

    If you are trying to sell your junk car in Chicago, a professional junkyard is the best choice. Regardless of your specific situation, junkyards can accept almost every model of junk cars, trucks and vans. The buyers will offer you quick cash in hand and a free tow truck at the location of your choice. The process is very simple. First, you need to make a quick call to the phone number. They will ask you for some basic information, such as the model of the vehicle and the general status.

    The junkyard buyers will also ask you if you have the ownership papers. If you don´t have the title, there is no problem, as long as you have your driver´s license and a copy of your registration. If you don´t have any ownership papers or the key is missing, you can call for assessment anyway. The junkyards are always willing to help you to sell your junk car as quick as possible. 

    After you tell the junk car buyers about the characteristics of your vehicle, you will get a quote for your junk car. If you accept the cash offer, then the junkyard will send a free tow truck to the location of your choice in less than 24 hours. One great advantage about the junkyards is that there is no tiring paperwork. There are no hidden fees and no strings attached. You will receive cash on the spot the same day that you receive your free tow truck. 

    Is it better a junk car buyer than a traditional way of sale? 

    If you are thinking about selling your junk car through other traditional ways, think twice. These methods can lead to a lot of inconveniences. For example, if you put an ad on a newspaper, you will have to pay for it. Usually, newspapers are very expensive, and they only reach to a specific kind of person. You can receive hundreds of calls daily, just asking about the price of the vehicle or if you let the person look for the car in person, which can be risky. 

    The same happens when you put an ad on social media or in a specific website. You will receive lots of comments of people that are partially interested in your car. You will also be on risk to be scammed or to get low prices for your junk vehicle. Plus, some buyers can delay the payments or can trick you through documentation. All of these issues will be avoided when selling your old non-working car to a junk car buyer. 

    It´s a three step process: just call, describe and get paid. If you accept the junkyard offer, just wait for the free tow truck to arrive to your house. Another advantage of selling your old non-working car to a junk car buyer is that you will get top dollar for your damaged car. Usually, the junkyards offer instant offers, so you don´t have to wait long time for getting a deal. You can get between 200$ and 2000$, and it will all depend on the model and status of your junk car. 

    Helping the environment and avoiding risks by selling your junk car 

    Selling your junk car will not only free up some space in your garage. It will also help the environment. You will also remove any hazardous material that might put in danger your family health. Usually, the junkyards grab the steel parts from the vehicle and transform them in new materials. This way, you help reduce the environmental impact and avoid the mining of virgin elements when manufacturing new stuff.

    What happens if you sell your old non-working car without title or keys? 

    Most of junk car yards do not accept the vehicles without titles or registration. However, there is no tragedy if this is your case. If you don´t have a title, there is no problem, as long as you have a driver´s license and a copy of the car´s register. But let´s say that you have an old junk car sitting in your driveway, which belonged to your grandfather. What to do if you don’t have any documentation? 

    Don’t worry. By calling to a junk car yard you will be able to get the right assessment and get the basic register in order to sell the junk car. It doesn’t matter if you had that car since many years ago. You just have to call the phone number and get the basic information for selling the vehicle in less than one day. 

    So, remember, sell your junk car today in West Chicago is the best option in order to avoid surprises and inconveniences from third parties. Avoid paying for expensive ads on the newspaper or in random websites. Stop wasting your time and money by watching that junk car sitting in your garage day after day.

    And, let´s be honest: you will not fix it soon. That´s the same promise over and over, with the result of having that garbage car stucked there more than a year ago. So, grab some quick cash and you will be able to complete your budget for getting a new used car. Avoid all the complex paperwork and help the environment as well. 

    Only three steps can bring you happiness in less than 24 hours. Just call a junkyard, describe the vehicle and get a nice cash offer. Wait for that free tow truck and breathe a new energy on your house, after getting rid of that clunker. 

    Give us a quick call! Quick Cash Junk Car Buyers 773-207-3710. You will sell your damaged vehicle in less than 24 hours, with cash on the spot, a free tow truck and a few papers to sign!