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What to know when selling your used car to a junk car buyer

    There are some things you should know when selling your junk car or truck to a junkyard nearby. Where to go? What should you do when selling your vehicle? How to get a good deal? How to avoid a scam? In this post we will talk you about it.

    This is what you need to know when selling your used car to a junk car buyer 

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    The most valuable auto parts 

    What are the most valuable items in your car? The first thing you need to know before selling your used car to a junk car buyer is the price of your vehicle. When calling to the junkyard, you will talk with the buyer about your price expectations. A car can be wrecked, but can also have very valuable parts on the inside. This is what the junkyard business stands for. Among the most valuable auto parts you can have:

    • The electronic devices inside your vehicle, such as the GPS system, computer based devices and the “brain” of the car. Some models have very expensive computers, such as the Renaults, for example. 
    • The doors of the vehicle. If your car has the doors in perfect condition, you can ask for more money. Doors can be also sold by separated. 
    • The fenders can be very expensive, depending on the material. If they are in perfect condition, the automobile will cost more. 
    • The bumpers are one of the most used auto parts, so everybody is always looking for bumper replacements. If your car has new bumpers, it will cost more. 
    • The catalytic converters can also have platinum or rhodium, so will give you more value to your vehicle. 
    • The air bag of your car can be sold in great value. If they never have been used, they can cost even more. 
    • Tires and wheels. Especially if they are made of aluminum. 

    In order to get a good quote for your used car, try to figure out which of these parts your automobile has. Try to have a price expectation before calling to the junkyard so you can negotiate with the buyer and get a good deal. 

    How is the process of selling your used car to a junk car buyer? 

    How to get money from a crashed car? Selling your used car to a junk car buyer is very simple. Is a less than 24 hours process, and you will get a good quote for your vehicle.

    • First, you need to call to the junkyard by the phone. Most of the junkyards have 24/7 lines that can help you sell your junk car right away. Some other junkyards have websites, in which you can submit the information of your vehicle and get a phone call the next morning. 
    • You have to describe by phone the basic characteristics of your vehicle. Usually, the junk car buyer will ask you about the model and the year of the car. You can also tell him if the car it`s still running or if it has a high valuable part. For example, if your junk car still has an intact GPS, it can cost a lot more. 
    • Tell the junk car buyer about your price expectations. You will negotiate with the junk car buyer and get to a fair deal. 
    • After getting to a deal, you can schedule an appointment and a free tow truck will pick up your car. You can set it in less than 24 hours if your time allows it. 
    • When receiving the tow truck driver, he will give you a bill of sale that you have to sign. After that, you will get cash on the spot and free up the space in your garage. 

    There are many different junkyards right now, so try to look for those that can give you a fast attention and a good deal for your car. Junkyards can also give you assessment in case that you don`t have your ownership papers, for example. The good thing about selling your used car to a junk car buyer is that selling your junk car is completely free. Avoid the traditional methods: 

    • Posting an Ad on the newspaper can cost you a lot of money, and you will only reach a few people.
    • Posting on social media will get you a lot of comments from people that are only curious. You will waste time answering and waiting until someone finally makes a deal. 
    • You can be exposed to scams, with people that want to take advantage of you, or knowing where is your house located, etc
    • You will have to share the payment for the tow truck to pick up your junk car or wait for the buyer to have the money and pick the car up. 

    All of these problems can be avoided by selling your junk car directly to a junkyard. Plus, you will get cash on the spot and a better quote. 

    Help the environment by selling your junk car

    Selling your used car to a junk car buyer will not only help you get quick cash. It will also help the mother Earth. You can avoid the pollution by not having a junk car with oil spills. These substances can not only be harmful for the environment, but for you and your family. You can be on a fire risk, for example. Selling your junk car can help the environment because the parts of your vehicle will be recycled. The junkyards sell some of the metal pieces to some companies. These metal pieces are re-used in order to make new parts. 

    This way, companies will not have to generate more energy and consume virgin resources to create new merchandise. It`s a win-win situation. You will get rid of your junk vehicle, get some cash in less than 24 hours, get a free tow truck and help the environment. Remember to analyze which parts your vehicle has in order to have a good price expectation before calling and selling your junk car to a junkyard. 

    Sell your junk car today by calling Quick Cash Junk Car Buyers 773-207-3710. Quick service, cash on the spot, free tow truck and high quote!