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Where can i find a junk car buyer in Chicago near me?

    Maybe you are trying to sell a junk car to a junk yard, but can´t find it. Finding a junk car buyer in Chicago near you sometimes seems almost impossible. However, there are some junk yards around that can go to the place where your damaged car is located. In this article we will tell you about the different advantages of selling your junk car to a professional yard near you. We will suggest you one of the best places as well.

    Where can i find a junk car buyer in ChicagoWhere to sell a junk car in Chicago?

    Chicago, the city where you can find the most beautiful parks and some tasty pizzas, is also a nice place to sell your junk car. There are some junkyards that can offer you many services when trying to get rid of that clunker. Junkyards accept almost every model of junk car and are specialized in Auto Recycling as well. You will free up some space in your garage and will also help the environment. Chicago residents can find an impressive price for their junk cars, with experienced workers who love this business. 

    The advantages of selling a junk car in Chicago 

    By selling a junk car in Chicago you can get many advantages. First, the sales process is very fast, because you only have to make a quick call and describe the model of car that you have. After that, you just get a fair price, that can go from 200$ up to 2000$ depending on the model, year and general status of the vehicle. After you accept the deal, you just have to set an appointment for a free tow truck to visit your house, and you will get cash in your hand that same day. 

    Selling your car in Chicago through a junkyard is better than anything else. Usually, the traditional methods are full of obstacles and you can also be a scam victim. When selling to a junkyard, you can also help the environment and avoid any inconvenience related to the escape of gas and fluids. It´s a three step process that will lead you to feel better,  free up the space in your garage and get some cash for anything you need. 

    Why not selling my junk car through a traditional way?

    How to get money from a crashed car? Let´s say that you have an old car sitting in your garage from many years ago, which belonged to your father or grandfather. You don´t have the keys or the register, but want to get rid of it. What to do? If you go through traditional methods, you can spend more money than expected. For example:

    • If you put a newspaper ad, you will have to spend money on it. Usually, newspapers can reach only a few people, because everything is digital right now. You will also receive constant phone calls from people that watched the ad and that might be interested. However, most of these people will only ask a few questions and that´s it.
    • If you put a website ad, you have to pay as well. And you can also get a lot of questions from people that will not purchase the vehicle at the end. 
    • When selling through an “on sale” sign on the back glass of your car, you are exposed to your neighbors only. If none of them are interested, then your car will be stucked for more months in your garage. 
    • By selling your junk car through the traditional ways you are also more exposed to possible scammers. Sometimes you can get your payment delayed and you will have to pay for the tow truck to move the car from your driveway as well. 

    However, when selling your junk car through a junkyard, everything is an advantage:

    • Make a quick phone call that will not last more than ten minutes, in order to get a quote for your car. You don’t have to be an expert in cars: just tell them the model, the year and the general condition of the vehicle. You will receive a higher price than from a third party and will get the deal done in record time. 
    • After setting the price, you just have to wait for a free tow truck that will arrive to your house on the day and time you decide. It will remove your damaged car and the driver will give you the cash on the hand. 
    • You will avoid plenty paperwork, because usually junkyards get in charge of everything. The only thing you have to sign is the sales bill, the same day that you receive the free tow truck in your house.
    • You will be sure that the buyers want to get your car, and will not waste time asking questions from random people on your phone. 
    • You can also get assessment in case that you are trying to sell your junk car and don´t have the registration papers or the car keys. 
    • You will be helping the environment and also helping the health of your family by avoiding gas and oil escapes inside your house. 
    • You will be helping the companies so they don´t waste more virgin resources, because they can recycle the steel from your car to make new objects. 

    How much money can I get by selling my junk car in Chicago?

    Everything will depend on the model and year of your car. You can get between $200 or $2000 depending if the car is still running and if it has good general conditions. But don´t worry if you just have a clunker that does not start at all. You can also sell it for sure. Usually, junkyards in Chicago are interested in almost every model of car, so you don´t have to worry if it´s from 2002 or from 2018. That´s why you should call by phone! Just tell the general information about your vehicle, if it´s still running or not and your price expectations. 

    If you want to sell your junk car today, give us a call Quick Cash Junk Car Buyers 773-207-3710. Enjoy a quick service, free assessment and free tow truck to pick up your vehicle in less than 24 hours!