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Which are the most valuable items in a car?

    When selling your car or truck to a junkyard nearby, you have to know about the most valuable items. This will allow you to get a fair quote when dealing with the junk car buyer. Let us introduce you the most valuable items, so you can know what`s in your hands.

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    Which are the most valuable items in a car? 

    These are the most valuable items in a car 

    The most valuable item in a car is the GPS system and the computer based devices. All the electronic stuff that you can find inside a car has a great value, so if you are selling a damaged car with an intact GPS system, you can get more money. This is because electronic stores and collectors always visit the junkyards in order to get GPS systems and other electronic elements they can re-use. 

    Another valuable item in a car is the fender. Fenders protect the wheels and some other areas of your vehicle. If your car has all the fenders, then you can get a great quote for it. Doors are very important as well. If your car has been through an accident and the doors are not working properly, you can get a lower price. However, you can also sell these items separately, so you have to think what is better according to your personal circumstances. 

    A special and valuable part of your car is the catalytic converter. This element has good metals on the inside, such as platinum or palladium. Check if your car has the catalytic converter and ask for a good price to the junkyard. Another part you have to check is the bumpers. These are one of the most used auto parts and are made of aluminum, plastic and steel. Check the materials used in your bumpers before asking for a quote for your junk car.

    If your used automobile has air bags, wheels, rims and tires, then the value increases. Airbags that are unused can cost good money because some people go to junkyards specially to buy those separately. Wheels, tires and rims can cost good money, especially if they are made out of aluminum. 

    Selling your used car to a junkyard and get money from it 

    Is it time to retire your old car or truck? If you are thinking of selling your junk car or used car to a junkyard nearby, the process is very easy and simple. Usually, you just have to:

    • Call by the phone to the junkyard or enter to the website and talk about the characteristics of the vehicle. Don`t worry, you don`t have to say much, only the model, year and general status of the vehicle. Now that you know the value of some parts, you can also say something about it. For example: “I have a 2005 Renault Twingo with an intact GPS installed…” This will give more value to the used vehicle. 
    • Talk about your price expectations. Usually, the junkyards can offer between $200 and $2000 for a used car. If your vehicle it`s still running, then it will cost more. 
    • After you get to an agreement, schedule an appointment and get a free tow truck that will pick up your vehicle. If you have time, the tow truck can go the same day that you call it. 
    • The day that the tow truck arrives, you will get cash on the spot and sign a few papers. The best junkyards give you a bill of sale with the company logo. 

    Selling your junk car can be very easy and it`s better than selling it through traditional ways. Sometimes, junk car owners can put a newspaper ad or a social media post. However, this represents some expenses and you will get a lot of comments from random people. You can also get exposed to scams of persons that might want to take advantage from you. When selling to a junkyard, it`s different.

    Usually, junkyard buyers are prepared and have years running the business. They know about the value of the vehicle and can asses you in case that you have problems with the ownership papers, for example. You can get a quote in less than 10 minutes, and will not have to wait for someone who is interested to click on your ad, call you by the phone or comment your post. 

    When selling your used car to a junkyard you will get a deal in less than 10 minutes. You can also get a free tow truck. So basically, selling your used car is completely free when doing it through a junkyard. Besides, the cash that you get can be invested on a new used car, for example. 

    Help the environment by selling your junk car

    What to know when selling your used car to a junk car buyer? Selling your junk car is not only a matter of money. You will also help the environment by helping recycling the parts of your vehicle. The first thing that you will avoid is the accidental spill of oil and other harmful substances in the floor. This can not only pollute the environment, but can affect the people inside your house.

    When selling your junk car you will also help recycling the metal parts of your vehicle in order to make new ones. This way, some companies will not take virgin materials to do more parts, for example. You are saving energy and the planet resources. So it`s a win-win-win: free up space in your garage- get cash in less than 24 hours – help the environment. 

    So, if you have a non-running car in your garage or driveway, try to figure out the parts that can be valuable. Call to the junkyard, briefly describe your car and get a good deal, between $200 and “$2000 for your used vehicle. Get a free tow truck in your drive way in less than 24 hours and get rid of your junk car right away. You can use that money to complete the budget for a new used car or to fix something else inside your house. 

    If you need to sell your used vehicle today, call Quick Cash Junk Car Buyers 773-207-3710. Forget about delays or hard paperwork and enjoy cash on the spot, high quotes and a free tow truck.